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The DJ movement is taking the music scene by storm and students are increasingly interested in mixing their own music, creating their own playlists, mashups and beat-matching. TrackFormers has been designed to legitimately bring this craft into classroom music in an easy and enjoyable experience for students and teachers alike. 

An innovative approach to curriculum.

Students will enjoy the practical approach to learning the basics of DJing, beatmatching, DJ history, sampling and recording their own mix. Whether it’s part of a music classroom curriculum or forming a DJ club at your school, the TrackFormers program is sure to engage.

Imagine: Making Music Their Way.

TF2We know that every school has different hardware and software. That’s why we’ve written TrackFormers to be compatible with iPads, iPhones, Androids (using the DJAY2 app by Algoriddum*), computers and multiple MIDI controllers. With the user videos to show you how to get started, getting your gear organised has never been easier!

*(User videos use controller, iPads & DJAY2 app. App purchase is separate to TrackFormers program.)

To find out more about the gear options for TrackFormers, CLICK HERE.

5 Sessions. A Session doesn’t mean a lesson.

The TrackFormers program has 5 Sessions - however, a Session doesn’t mean a lesson. Depending on the amount of resources you decide to use at your school determines how long students spend on a Session. The program can be easily implemented over a term, six months or a year depending on your preference and the structure of music in the school timetable. 

We’ve done the development, so you can focus on the delivery.

TrackFormers includes a student e-book and website resources. You’ll find all the user support videos, YouTube clips, customised TrackFormers tracks, extension activities, assessment ideas and revision quizzes already done and organised for you on the TrackFormers website portal.

Automated marking. We've taken the hassle out of the assessment.

Each TrackFormers quiz is available for students to take online. Their results will be marked on our MusicEDU portal and sent to the teacher's classroom. Teachers are able to export the results of their classes into an Excel spreadsheet which makes marking a thing of the past!

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