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We're proud to update our Keyboard Evolution publication every year so your students can enjoy learning a contemporary music curriculum in the classroom.

We have done the development, so you can focus on the delivery. 

The Keyboard Evolution program is a 'Music Program' for High School classroom music, which uses keyboard technology for the delivery. Keyboard Evolution can be implemented with stand-alone keyboards or in a MIDI-lab environment and now also includes guitar chords and tabs in the student workbook. This allows teachers the added flexibility to split large classes, extend advanced players on another instrument or consolidate repertoire into instrumental ensembles.

Inclusive for all. No matter what the experience. 

Do you have students ranging from beginners to advanced levels in the same class? With the combination of extension repertoire, technology solutions and extra activities, Keyboard Evolution tackles differentiated learning so there is something for everyone. 

Engaging Students. From the very first session.

'The greatest strength of the program is that every child is able to achieve something by the end of the lesson.' Simon Smith, Director of Music, Barker College NSW.

Keyboard Evolution gets students interacting and playing the keyboard from their first experience. In early sessions, the keyboard technology serves as an equaliser between beginner and advanced students as they learn to navigate key features and play with automatic accompaniment.  

12 Sessions. A Session doesn’t mean a lesson.

The Keyboard Evolution program has 12 Sessions - however, a Session doesn’t mean a lesson. Depending on the amount of resource you decide to use at your school determines how long students spend on a Session. The program can be implemented over a term, six months or a year, depending on the structure of music in the school timetable.

Time. There’s only so much. 

The Keyboard Evolution program can be used on its own or complimentary to your current program. You’ll find all the support videos, YouTube clips, backing tracks, extension activities, assessment ideas and revision quizzes already done and organised for you on the website portal. 

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