The MusicEDU Story

The MusicEDU Story

The MusicEDU contemporary music programs are designed specifically to meet the curriculum and learning requirements within the modern classroom environment. Utilising the latest music technology, MusicEDU programs are effective, easy to understand, comprehensive and relevant music programs which require virtually no planning time for teachers and can be delivered in a flexible format to suit individual school requirements.

At the very core of the business is the central idea that students should be able to learn & love music at the same time as confidently covering all the core elements and many of the key concepts of music understanding. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy music in the classroom by creating affordable and relevant curriculum solutions that support teachers.

Core Principles

Our Core Principles are:

•   To advocate the educational, academic and social benefits of learning music and the benefits to the greater community

•   To produce music curriculum solutions that provide inspiration and encourage creativity

•   To positively impact the number of students retained into elective music classes

•   To support teachers with professional development and affordable resources for delivering music in the classroom