Terms and Conditions

MusicEDU Terms and Conditions

  • Schools are required to book-list either the physical book or the digital book for students, one book or digital registration per student.
  • Schools must purchase all "Digital Packages" direct from MusicEDU Pty Ltd (we are unable to license digital versions via 3rd party/book - listing organisations) at this time.
  • The website license(s) remains active whilst the MusicEDU program is being implemented at the school and the program is book-listed. If the school chooses not to continue with the program, the licenses/logins will expire.
  • No refund is available for expired or cancelled licenses.
  • No duplication, printing or file-sharing of the E-book is permitted under Copyright regulations. If a school is audited and found to be in breach of the Copyright licensing agreements, substantial fines may be incurred from APRA/AMCOS and immediate termination from the program will occur.
  • Digital packages are renewed annually.
  • Schools are able to purchase the physical/hard copy books at cost price and sell to the students directly to raise further funds for the music department, include them in student fees, or alternatively provide them to the students from the Music/P&C funds.
  • Books will be sold to 3rd party/external book-listing companies at the Cost Price.
  • All prices are in Australian (AUD) dollars.

Refunds & Returns

  • Due to music copyright regulations, no book refunds or returns can be issued once a quote has been accepted or purchase order has been received.

Shipping Policy

  • Delivery fees for hard copy books can be quoted prior to invoice based on location upon request.
  • All orders are processed & dispatched within 1-3 working days upon receipt of a Purchase order. Shipping times may vary due to school location; however, tracking information on shipment will be emailed upon dispatch.
  • Website logins for teachers and students will be processed upon payment and can be delivered via email within 1-2 business days upon completion of teacher login request form.

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