FREE School Trial: Term 3 Access!

Following is our very successful offer to the schools who have seen our workshop at the Daytime conferences this year. We now have a special offer for our Facebook followers (and current database, of course).

Free Trial: One Term of Access to
ALL Four MusicEDU Programs for Term 3, 2018!

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There are no contracts and we will match our resources to your individual program so that you can continue. At the end of the trial, you would have several options with what you had planned AND use the MusicEDU resources at the same time!

  1. Do nothing - if the resources don’t suit your school or curriculum then there is no obligation.

  2. If you wanted to continue for the rest of this year, we can arrange access to all four programs to continue and would only invoice you for the remaining term.

  3. Most schools are using the trial period as the opportunity to get the subscription onto the book list or the student fees/levy for 2019, as it’s the best way to demonstrate that the resources are valuable and going to be fully integrated and utilised.

Registrations are limited to 50 schools.
First in best dressed!

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