Teacher-parent communication app

App enhances teacher/parent communication

Effective communication between teachers and parents has proven to improve students' academic performances. Ongoing relationships for teachers and parents is beneficial in tailoring each student's development. Keep reading to learn about an app that can enhance this communication for parents and teachers.

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Happy New Year from MusicEDU

Happy New Year from the MusicEDU team!

Happy New Year from the MusicEDU team! 2019 is going to be a terrific year with you!

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MusicEDU Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & MusicEDU holiday schedule

The MusicEDU Team wishes you and your families a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! May your holiday break be a restful and joyous one. We are looking forward to a terrific 2019 with you!

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DAYTiME 2019

DAYTiME 2019: Music Technology in Music Education

Focusing on music technology in Australia education, presents DAYTiME 2019. One-day conferences are conducted annually in five cities. These Professional Development days focus on integrating music technology into your school's music program...

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MusicEDU Competitions Semester 2 2018

Semester 2 Winners Announced!

GameComposer has featured heavily in this Semester's Competition results and the judges couldn't decide so we have a tie! We also have the crew from Livingstone Christian College who have put together two fantastic performances from the Studio Sessions repertoire. 

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software mac ios

Cutting-edge software for MAC & iOS

Musicians using MAC are loving the KORG Gadget Music Production Software that now provides cutting-edge technology for MAC as well as iOS. Take a look...

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Richard Gill

We mourn the loss of conductor Richard Gill

We mourn the loss of our beloved world-renowned Australian conductor, Richard Gill, a tireless advocate for music education and...

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Ban iphones?

Give Your Opinion! Should smartphones be banned in high schools?

Should smartphones be banned from Australian high schools? We have some interesting outlooks for you to consider. Plus, we want 'Your' viewpoint! Just a quick click will give your vote.

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MusicEDU DJ Workshop

Spotlight your MusicEDU classroom

The MusicEDU Suite is a technology-rich teaching curriculum that captivates and engages students. If you are currently using one or more of our programs, we would love for you to reach out with your feedback. Your classroom's progress, developments and stories can be spotlighted right here in our MusicEDU blog.

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MusicEDU Suite

2019 Updates and Enhancements

The 2019 release of the MusicEDU Suite is nearly here and we are excited to give our favourite peeps a sneak preview of what’s in store for our subscribers: -

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