Studio Sessions™

Studio Sessions™. There’s nothing else quite like it.

We're proud to update our publications every year so you and your students can enjoy an up-to-date curriculum in the music classroom. See some of the updates we have in store for 2018 in the video below.

The Studio Sessions program has been designed to bring the world of sound production and the music studio to your classroom. This program also provides your school with a current and relevant music technology curriculum that is easy to implement and doesn't break the budget.

Studio Sessions is appealing to students and can be implemented on Mac or PC using many of the resources you already have on hand such as keyboards, iPads, computers and JamHubs/Session Mixers.

Included in the program is contemporary repertoire aligning with the individual sessions which include Lead Sheet, Guitar Tab, Bb & Eb parts and Extension Ensemble score, allowing you to easily integrate instrumental ensembles to your music classroom. 

Studio Sessions - be a music producer

Contemporary music curriculum is already written for you. Now that’s something to smile about.

Studio Sessions engages students as they experience being a Music Producer, an Audio Engineer and a Film Composer. They also take on projects including creating a Dance Track, Composing a Ringtone, Creating a Remix and Composing a Soundtrack - to name a few!

Each theme has multiple Sessions where students embrace music production activities, building their toolkit of skills as they progress through the program. 

Within the Sessions, students undertake more advanced music production techniques including sampling, looping, multitrack recording, sequencing and creating special effects. Simultaneously, students are learning and participating in key curriculum requirements through performance, listening, composition and music production.

Your students are comfortable with technology. Are you out of your comfort zone?be a film composer

Let’s face it, we all haven’t had the introduction to technology that the current generation of students has had. Most of us have taught ourselves and inevitably only implement a portion of what we have learned. 

Studio Sessions is teacher friendly, so you don’t have to be an expert on everything. With individual instructional videos for all the main hardware and software options for every session, for both teachers and students, you can relax knowing that the technology will be a help and not a hindrance. 

10 Sessions. A Session doesn’t mean a lesson.

The Studio Sessions program has 10 Sessions - however, a Session doesn’t mean a lesson. Depending on the amount of resources you decide to use at your school determines how long students spend on a Session. The program can be implemented over a term, six months or a year depending on the structure of music in the school timetable.

We’ve done the development so you can focus on the delivery.

The Studio Sessions program can be used on its own or complementary to your current classroom music program. We’ve looked at the curriculum state-by-state, as well as the current drafts of the National Curriculum, to ensure it ticks the boxes from a music curriculum perspective.

You’ll find all the support videos, YouTube clips, backing tracks, extension activities, assessment ideas and revision quizzes already done and organised for you on the Studio Sessions website portal. 

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