Keyboard Evolution 2018

Keyboard Evolution™ is the solution you've been waiting for. We've put the Keyboard Evolution program together to save your music department time and money. We help you deliver a contemporary music curriculum. Keyboard Evolution is easy to implement, engaging for students of any skill level and we update it every year.

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Studio Sessions 2018

Studio Sessions™ is a program with multiple delivery options for teachers. Each of the sessions is able to be executed within the classroom setting using keyboards, computers or recordable device such as the JamHub. This allows the majority of schools to integrate at least one hardware solution per Session - or up to three depending on the schools' resources.

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TrackFormers 2018

The DJ movement is taking the music scene by storm and students are increasingly interested in creating their own beats, beat-matching, creating playlists, mashups & mixing their own music. TrackFormers creates a way to bring this artform into the school music program, in a fun, manageable and engaging format. TrackFormers is affordable, includes user videos on the website portal, as well as custom beat tracks to get the basics of beat-matching underway.

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GameComposer 2018

GameComposer™ is the latest program from the team at MusicEDU and is set to transform the middle school classroom. The program takes students on the journey through video game composition and creation from the 1970’s to now, as they learn the cultural, social and historical aspects of the genre as well as aural and compositional techniques and analysis skills associated with this hugely popular topic.

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News & Blog

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July 14 2018
Reducing latency in audio recording

Top tips for reducing latency

Latency is always a dreaded experience for musicians. It can be disruptive if not properly reduced. Whether you are singing into your microphone, playing a keyboard, playing a MIDI instrument, guitar, DJing or recording any kind of audio, some processing time exists. Keep reading for beneficial tips...
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July 5 2018
winners are grinners sem1 2018 blog a

WINNERS Announced! Semester 1, 2018

We have had great participation and entries for the 2018 Semester 1 MusicEDU Competitions! Congratulations to all the students and teachers who have participated, and thank you for making this a Great Competition! For the winners, amazing prizes will be awarded to these very deserving students. Take a look...
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July 1 2018
How to comment on pdf files

How to annotate on a PDF

Kate Hargreaves shows you how to annotate on our MusicEDU .pdf files (or any .pdf files). Instructions are provided for both Mac and Window users. Knowing how to easily maneuver within our programs will save you tons of time and will make your work more enjoyable. Learn more...

Creative solutions for the music classroom

Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy music in the classroom by creating affordable and relevant curriculum solutions that support teachers.

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