Game ComposerNew in 2017!

GameComposer™ is the latest program from the team at MusicEDU and is set to transform the middle school classroom. The program takes students on the journey through video game composition and creation from the 1970s to now, as they learn the cultural, social and historical aspects of the genre, as well as aural and compositional techniques and analysis skills associated with this hugely popular topic.

A thriving and growing industry.

Global mobile games revenue is expected to exceed $35 billion dollars in 2017, with gamers representing all age groups & demographics and almost equal statistics of male-to-female ratios. With teenage device ownership on the increase, apps, games and gaming are all on-trend and guaranteed to create student engagement when incorporated into the curriculum.


Global Mobile Games

5 Sessions. A Session doesn't mean a lesson.

The GameComposer program has 5 Sessions - however, a Session doesn’t mean a lesson. Depending on the amount of resource you decide to use at your school depends on how long students spend on each Session. The program can be implemented over a term or six months, depending on the structure of music in the school timetable and the age of the students you are teaching. Sessions include: Creating Characters, Building Soundtracks, Action Scenes, Creating Worlds and Soundscape Engineer. Curriculum content includes Listening techniques with the Elements of Music, Compositional Devices, Graphic Notation and Leitmotif (to name a few). Simultaneously, students are working towards a final submission of their Digital Portfolio, as well as a Musicology and Aural assessments.


PokemonGameComposer is rich in activities to cover all aspects of the Australian Curriculum and sees students complete live performances; teacher-, self- and peer-assessments; aural analysis; composition tasks and musicology activities.


Students discover the composers who bring to life video games and characters from Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Final Fantasy, Halo, and Skyrim.


Device & classroom friendly.

Students are able to use multiple devices throughout the program, including phones, iPads, computers and keyboards. A range of software options and choices are available including Garageband, Mixcraft, ACID, and access to various freewares including Beepbox, Pulseboy and Musescore.

Ideally, students should have access to a looping program (such as Garageband, Mixcraft or ACID) and a notation software (such as Noteflight, Sibelius or Finale) to complete the program.



We've done the development so you can focus on the delivery.

The GameComposer program consists of a digital ebook and website resources; plus, as teachers have come to expect from the MusicEDU programs, all the resources that are required to use the programs have been included, making it easy to integrate into a current program, or run as a stand-alone unit of work. You’ll find all the support videos, YouTube clips, extension activities, assessment ideas and revision quizzes already done and organised for you on the GameComposer website portal.

See digital ebook format


Geared for students between school years 8-10, GameComposer is destined to engage music students on an entirely new level, whilst providing insight into a thriving and growing area of the music industry.

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