2018 Pricing

MusicEDU Suite

The MusicEDU Programs Keyboard Evolution, Studio Sessions, TrackFormers and GameComposer are now offered to schools as one bundle, called The MusicEDU Suite.

Schools have UNLIMITED access to all four programs with no limitations to the number of students they login to the resources. This means teachers can customise and build a curriculum for each year with a mix of the MusicEDU programs. After logging into the MusicEDU website, students will only see what their teachers have given them access to view.

The MusicEDU Suite includes:

  • UNLIMITED teacher & student logins to:
    1. Keyboard Evolution
    2. Studio Sessions
    3. TrackFormers
    4. GameComposer
  • 2 x Class sets of hard-copy books for Keyboard Evolution (50 total)
  • 2 x Class sets of hard-copy books for Studio Sessions (50 total)
  • Freight for hard-copy books to school
  • Access to digital e-book for each program for all teachers and students
  • Access to website resources for each program including tracks, worksheets, instructional videos, clips and extension activities
  • Access to online quizzes for every session, marked by the website and delivered to the teacher's classroom
  • Access to teacher resources (not viewable to students) including session overview videos, suggested answers and assessment ideas
  • Unlimited questions and support from MusicEDU team  

MusicEDU Suite

Our aim is that access to our engaging, technology-rich programs are budget-neutral to the Music Department. For most of our schools, this means their students incur a fee/music levy on either an internal school book-list or as part of their school fees either annually or each term. This fee to the students (per year) should be less than the cost of a one-hour instrumental lesson.  

For the purposes of viewing the cost-per-student and budgeting, we have given some examples below:



Number of Students with access to MusicEDU resources

Cost per Student per Year per Student (ex GST)

Cost per Term per Student

(ex GST)

400 $24.98  $6.24 
350 $28.54  $7.14 
300 $33.30  $8.33 
250 $39.96  $9.99 
200 $49.95  $12.49 

MusicEDU will invoice the school-wide license of $9990 ex GST per school upon acceptance of a quotation or receipt of a school purchase order. 

Books, logins and classroom set-up are finalised upon payment of the invoice.

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