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Ideally, every student should have their own keyboard, however the program can also be delivered by splitting the class or having two students per keyboard, so 12-15 should be adequate depending on your class sizes. We also have guitar options including tab and chords for all songs to give teachers greater flexibility.

Not necessarily but as you would expect the students of today do not engage or respond well to using a 10 year old computer. Likewise the technology and sound quality of recent keyboards has improved significantly from those in years gone by. If you are planning to update your technology and would like to start the program in the meantime, please feel free to contact us as many schools have chosen this option to get started with a view to upgrading keyboards at a later date.

No, whilst not ideal, many schools are in the same boat. We have some tips and tricks for teachers with a mish-mash of keyboards to ensure the engagement levels stay high and facilitating the program does not become onerous.

Yes, you will still be able to implement the program - the record feature is used for extension students and you may be able to accomodate this extension with another recordable device (eg computer, iPad, phone etc)

Yes. Keyboard Evolution is designed for schools with either stand-alone keyboards or midi labs (or both!)

The student workbook is designed for students to use and write in. By book-listing the book, MusicEDU is able to ensure the repertoire remains current, copyright is administered correctly and teachers feedback can be included with each new edition. Additionally because we update the publication each year based on teacher feedback it ensure the students are working from the latest edition.

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No, you may already have adequate equipment or alternatively prefer to purchase from your current supplier or a MusicEDU Partner. Feel free to discuss this with us so we can ensure you are purchasing the best solution for your school.

No, our Keyboard Evolution program is designed so that all music teachers and non-music teachers can facilitate the program.

For a summary of the gear recommendations for TrackFormers, CLICK HERE

For Keyboard Evolution You will need Intermediate level Keyboards (preferably with the Record function) and access to computers with internet access. The Keyboards may or may not be linked to the computers.

For Studio Sessions, you can use Intermediate/Advanced Keyboards (with Record function/sequencer), computers (Mac with Garageband or PC with Mixcraft/ACID) or iPads (with Garagebane iPad app - Sessions 1-7 only). You can also use Cloudbased software such as SOUNDATION (sessions 1-7 only) however there are not specific videos for the cloud-based software.

6 of the 10 Sessions in Studio Sessions also have options to execute practical aspects of the learning with the Roland Session Mixer or JamHub®.

For a summary of the gear recommendations for TrackFormers, CLICK HERE

Garageband (for Mac) and MixCraft or ACID (for PC) are all compatible with the program, as well as the Garageband app for iPads/iPhones.

Other compatible software includes Acid Xpress, ProTools, Logic, Myna and Soundation, however individual training videos are not provided for the latter programs.

No, our Studio Sessions program is designed so that all music teachers can teach the program.

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