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Stress! Most every music teacher faces constant challenges from their workload, lesson plan creation, paper grading and classroom behavioural problems. What if you could relieve the stress by having ready access to lesson plans? MusicEDU has the answer for you!

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Are you struggling daily with the stress of large classrooms, deadlines, frustrated students and the never-ending writing of lesson plans? The MusicEDU programs supply the lesson plans for you. Yes! Already written for you! What a relief to have your lessons mapped out for you. You can take a deep breath and know that we’ve got you covered!

MusicEDU programsAs the MusicEDU programs increase your effectiveness in the classroom and reduce your stress level your students will be so engaged that they, too, will be less anxious, more cooperative, attentive and happy. The MusicEDU programs are enjoyable and an exciting experience for both teachers and students. 

Utilise MusicEDU technology

Utilising the latest music technology, MusicEDU programs are effective, easy to understand, comprehensive and relevant music programs. They require virtually no planning time for teachers and can be delivered in a flexible format to suit your individual school requirements. The MusicEDU contemporary music programs are designed specifically to meet the curriculum and learning requirements within the modern classroom environment. Plus, the MusicEDU programs impact the retention rates of your students.

MusicEDU believes every child deserves to have a music education. Our programs are designed to easily integrate the use of technology into the classroom environment. At the very core of the MusicEDU lesson plans is the central idea that students should be able to learn and love music, whilst at the same time understand the core elements and key concepts. Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy music in the classroom by creating affordable and relevant curriculum solutions that support teachers. 

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