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Every teacher's goal is to give each student a sense of achievement by the end of every class. With the MusicEDU Keyboard Evolution program, this goal is a reality and can be achieved without the long hours of preparation. Find out more...


Keyboard EvolutionMake student engagement a reality

With Keyboard Evolution you can put your time and energy into delivering a contemporary curriculum, without the exhaustive hours of researching, writing, refining and revising your lesson plans. This amazing program teaches your students how to perform, compose and listen.

You will find your students rapidly absorbing the lessons and engaging in the activities provided in Keyboard Evolution. One point of interest is the session on auto-accompaniment. The auto-accompaniment feature is found on most portable keyboards and this is one of the main things that sets a keyboard apart from a piano. Auto-accompaniment provides additional instruments that automatically play along with the student.

Students at keyboards

Later in the Keyboard Evolution Book (also available in digital format), while your students are using their new knowledge they will set in motion what they have learned about auto-accompaniment as they play 'In the Mood', by composer and band leader Glenn Miller. 'In the Mood' will be played on the keyboard using the Big Band automatic accompaniment. Students love hearing the Big Band sound they create. This is just one of the many exercises given.

With the Keyboard Evolution digital eBook, you will also teach the different musical genres like the classics, jazz, rock, pop, indigenous, film soundtrack and world music. For example, students will learn some guidelines regarding 'time'. All genres and elements of music are connected to 'time'. These guidelines will teach young musicians to play at the proper speed (e.g., using the time signature: Time Signature ), the correct note durations and the right feel. New notes will be explored and they will learn how to read them on the score. Numerous interactive presentations can be viewed to assist you, the teacher.

Every year the Keyboard Evolution program and all of the MusicEDU programs are updated and published. If you are not already using the MusicEDU programs in your classroom, then we invite you to take the 14-Day Free Trial Login. The MusicEDU programs make student engagement a reality; plus, they incorporate cutting edge technology into your music lessons without exhausting hours of preparation?



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