DJ Controller Starter Pack

Get DJ'ing! with DJ Controller Starter Pack

You will love this great DJ Controller Starter Pack Setup found in the MusicEDU Shop. Interest in the DJ movement has skyrocketed and students are increasingly interested in mixing their own music, creating their own playlists, mashups and beat-matching.

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MusicEDU programs

FREE School Trial: Term 3 Access!

Following is our very successful offer to the schools who have seen our workshop at the Daytime conferences this year. We now have a special offer for our Facebook followers (and current database, of course).

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The science of choosing a guitar

The science of choosing the right guitar

In the construction of a guitar, science is a key element toward understanding function, quality and structure of the sounds that are produced. Measurements and fine-tuning are essential elements in crafting guitars as explained by Ray Beck at Beginner Guitar HQ. Keep reading to explore facts from his intriguing guide...

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MusicEDU Competitions

Competitions are On for Semester 1

The MusicEDU 2018 Semester 1 Competitions have Launched! Get your students involved and showcase your classroom's success. There are great prizes to be won in all four programs totalling 12 categories!

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Music Education gear and technology

Music Education gear & technology in 2018

It is always exciting to see Music Education highlighted at events as it was in the annual 2018 NAMM Show. The NAMM Show is described as 'the world's largest trade-only event for the music products industry'. Keep reading for details on a few of the innovative and new music gear products...

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MusicEDU Competition

Music competitions increase learning and engagement

During competitions, it is of great importance to produce an uplifting experience for your students. Project a strong positive environment that will build students' attitudes into beliefs that contests produce learning experiences for both those who win and those who don't. All playing fields are filled with the opportunity of building young lives into strong and socially engaging adults.

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MusicEDU Shop

The New MusicEDU Shop has Launched!

The New MusicEDU Shop is Here! We are excited to share with all of you the launch of the MusicEDU Shop! Our products are handpicked to ensure current and contemporary features for your classroom use. Take a look...

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MusicEDU technology workshop

Speed date with music technology!

MusicEDU Workshop at DAYTiME 2018: Speed date with music technology! Only 24 participants accepted. Register now to book your spot!

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Professional Development

MusicEDU Professional Development Videos

MusicEDU provides Professional Development videos so teachers can maintain and improve their teaching practice and accreditation. Continue reading for details and PD updates...

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Music game technology

Music game technology in the classroom

Daily, music technology is inspiring and engaging students in the classroom! Music game technology and music video games are impacting and paving the way to innovative education practices. The opportunities are endless for bringing the love of music to students.

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