Competition 2017 Semester 1

Compete for Amazing Prizes!

The MusicEDU Competitions for Semester 1, 2017 are in progress for all three programs: Keyboard Evolution, Studio Sessions and TrackFormers. Students can upload their performances, ringtones, remixes or beat matching to be eligible to win Fantastic prizes! Continue reading for entry and prize details...

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GameComposer Video Game Program

Motivate students with music video games and esports!

By their very nature, music video games motivate young minds while instructors utilise their intrinsic teaching principles. eSports and gaming communities have become larger than the film industry. Continue reading to find out how MusicEDU’s GameComposer program will change how you teach your students.

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Keyboard Evolution

Make student engagement a reality

Every teacher's goal is to give each student a sense of achievement by the end of every class. With the MusicEDU Keyboard Evolution program, this goal is a reality and can be achieved without the long hours of preparation. Find out more...

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Star Attraction: GameComposer on 29th April

GameComposer, MusicEDU's newest program will be featured on Saturday, 29th April, at the ASME Regional TeachMeet & PD in Orange, NSW. MusicEDU will present one of the sessions from GameComposer and you will be able to experience the session as part of the day for $25 (including morning tea and light lunch!).

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Band In Your Pocket

Create a Band In Your Pocket

Keeping up with what is new in the electronic music world can be challenging. New equipment for music students is being created every single week! Pocket operators can be a homework tool while studying the MusicEDU programs.

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Amplifier and guitar

Groove with this recording app!

Versatility of modern devices is extremely important in today’s world of vast technology. Especially among musicians, the need for easy access of multiple effects is in demand. Keep reading to learn of a great musical app that works on almost all devices…

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DAYTiME 2017

DAYTiME 2017 - Register Now!

 The first conference of DAYTiME 2017 is 24th February. Five others will be held in the following months. Have you registered? Experience the latest in classroom music innovation, in only one day!

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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to our Studio Sessions Class!

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A DJ’s Best Skill...

One of the many important things taught in the MusicEDU TrackFormers™ program is that an experienced DJ never allows a pause between songs. The drum sounds match perfectly and the audience is never interrupted in their groove with the music. Keep reading to discover what this important skill is...

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MusicEDU curriculum

Engage Students in 2017!

How would you like to deliver music lessons without researching and writing them? Plus, be up-to-date on the latest music technology and engage your students with the experiences of being a DJ, music producer, audio engineer, and film composer. You can – MusicEDU has it all!

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