Casio Adaptor Recall

Casio announces keyboard adaptor recall

At MusicEDU it is important to us to keep you safe as well as informed. Continue reading for details regarding the recall of a Casio Keyboard Power Adaptor that is made by Shiriro. Plus, read the instructions on how you can have yours replaced. 

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Digita v's Analogue

Analogue v's Digital: Engaging facts & Australia was the first...

ANALOGUE v’s DIGITAL: Discover some surprising facts about analogue and digital processes. Then, take our quick, short survey to let us know which you think is better or which you prefer to use in your music and classroom.

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Music EDnet

EDnet TV for Music Educators

Continuing from the DAYTiME 2017 series and the EDnet Mentor Symposium, David Dowling, Support and Training Coordinator, has finalised EDnet TV edits from DAYTiME 2016 and 2017. Continue reading to see how EDnet engages technology in music education.

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Enhance video game performance with gaming glasses

This year the mobile games industry revenue is expected to reach $35 billion! Every teen involved in the exciting world of gaming will want to experience how gaming glasses can increase focus, performance and give a panoramic viewing field with high-resolution. MusicEDU's GameComposer program engages students through music video games. Keep reading for details...

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Music technology

Relieve stress with MusicEDU lesson plans

Stress! Most every music teacher faces constant challenges from their workload, lesson plan creation, paper grading and classroom behavioural problems. What if you could relieve the stress by having ready access to lesson plans? MusicEDU has the answer for you!

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world at sunrise3

Synthesising our world with MusicEDU

One integrating cultural cohesion between our nations is Music! MusicEDU is excited to have American schools join our Australian MusicEDU family in using the MusicEDU programs. We want to share some of the fascinating differences that our two countries have which can be viewed in the spelling, syntax and grammar usage whilst reading the MusicEDU digital eBooks.

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MusicEDU Competitions

Our latest MusicEDU winners!

It was a clean sweep to the students at Sefton High School in NSW in the MusicEDU programs Keyboard Evolution &  Studio Sessions! Great prizes are awarded to these very deserving students. Take a look...

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GameComposer featured at ASME Conference

The new and exciting GameComposer program of MusicEDU will be featured at the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) XXI National Conference 2017, RMIT University, Melbourne, 13-15 July 2017. Keep reading for details...

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Electromechanical Sound Machine

Challenging students with musical creativity

Daily, music teachers face the importance of challenging their students. The challenge of creating one's own instruments and music is something that is initiated at the earliest age. For example, all parents know how their toddlers love to create their own bands in the kitchen, clanging notes on the bottoms of pans with wooden spoons and creating cymbals with pan lids.

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Competition 2017 Semester 1

Compete for Amazing Prizes!

The MusicEDU Competitions for Semester 1, 2017 are in progress for all three programs: Keyboard Evolution, Studio Sessions and TrackFormers. Students can upload their performances, ringtones, remixes or beat matching to be eligible to win Fantastic prizes! Continue reading for entry and prize details...

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