Professional Development

MusicEDU Professional Development Videos

MusicEDU provides Professional Development videos so teachers can maintain and improve their teaching practice and accreditation. Continue reading for details and PD updates...

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Music game technology

Music game technology in the classroom

Daily, music technology is inspiring and engaging students in the classroom! Music game technology and music video games are impacting and paving the way to innovative education practices. The opportunities are endless for bringing the love of music to students.

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music gear - music equipment

Music technology gear update for 2018!

In this music gear update, we will provide you with some of the most popular and amazing music innovative ideas and products that have been most recently created. These are boosting music technology in 2018!

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happynewyear blog2

Happy New Year & Exciting Updates for 2018!

Welcome to 2018! The MusicEDU team are busy updating and finalising the resources whilst you're on holidays. Teachers, if you are already using our programs, you can have peace of mind that you don't have to spend your holidays writing curriculum!

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Merry Christmas from MusicEDU

Merry Christmas from MusicEDU!

Merry Christmas! 2017 has been an exciting and inspiring year at MusicEDU! Continue reading for the amazing new offer we have for all schools: The MusicEDU Suite. Schools now have UNLIMITED access to all four of the technology-rich, MusicEDU Programs with the ability to customise and build the perfect program for their students.

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Make me a DJ - TrackFormers

Make Me a DJ

Preview the DAYTiME 2017 workshop Make me a DJ, conducted by Sam Smith. Sam conducted the recent MusicEDU TrackFormers workshop at the DAYTiME Conference. Plus, accept the MusicEDU Suite Free Digital ePack.

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Competition 2016 Semester 2

Winners are Grinners in 2017!

What a Wonderful round of entries for the 2017 2nd Semester in the MusicEDU programs, more entries than ever before and the standard has been fantastic! Congratulations to all the participants (students and teachers) and thank you for making the second half of 2017 such a great success! Amazing prizes will be awarded to these very deserving students. Take a look...

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Open Stage Residency Opera Queensland

Open Stage Residency Opera Queensland

One of Australia’s major performing arts companies, OperaQ serves Metropolitan Brisbane and regional/remote Queensland through the development and presentation of opera projects that reflect their core values of Excellence, Community and Adventure.

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World of Game Music- GameComposer

The World of Game Music

Preview the video from the DAYTiME 2017 workshop The World of Game Music conducted by Heather Crawford, creator of MusicEDU's latest program GameComposer. Also, accept the free GameComposer Digital ePack.

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Music Technology Blogs - Music Education Blogs

Music Education & Music Technology Blogs

Do you need new ideas, music education resources, music technology resources, programs and tools for your music classroom? Music teaching blogs and web-based resources are a great way to find them. In addition to MusicEDU, keep the following in your support network for instant inspiration.

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